Exterior Restoration

The former Sunrise Diner now sits at the Port Clinton airport overlooking the runway. Customers get treated to fine food and the spectacle of aircraft flying in and out of the airport.
This view shows the addition built by Diversified Diners, expertly matching the original diner's design and build quality.
Fully restored, the Tin Goose sits on its new location in Port Clinton, Ohio ready for another half-century of service (or more!).
THIS is what a diner looks like. All cleaned up with new materials, furnishings, stainless and more, the diner comes back to life.
A true diner interior makes you hungry just looking at it.
A view of the addition's interior. If we didn't tell you, you'd swear it came from the O'Mahony factory. This section features all the same materials found in the original diner, including stainless panels, terrazzo floor, and gleaming Formica panels.
Another view of the addition's interior.
New Flex Glass brings an added glimmer back to the diner overall luster.
Time to eat in the completely restored Tin Goose Diner.