Patterned Stainless Steel Panels

We produce our own custom designed stainless steel panels. The most popular designs which are typical of the original diners are the diamond and sunburst patterns shown below. For interior decorative panels we use 24 gauge stainless, the finish can vary from a dull brushed finish to a mirror finish. Exterior panels which duplicate the original lines of the 1950's diners are often done in a heavier gauge of stainless steel.

Prices vary dependant on the quantity of panels needed, the panel sizes as well as complexity of the pattern. Generally allow about $15 - $18 per square foot. Different levels of finish are also available for stainless steel. Everything from a natural mill finish to a chrome style mirror finish.







Stainless Panels

  • Alternate Diamond Pattern
    Alternate Diamond Pattern
  • Diamond Pattern
    Diamond Pattern
  • Ridged