Smyrna Diner

smyrna ext periodThe below diner is a 1960's Paramount Diner which operated in Smyrna, DE since it's manufacture. It was a local landmark until the late summer of 2008 when it's property lease expired and a new larger and more modern diner was built about a mile down the road. The Smyrna Diner tradition continues and now the original Paramount diner is ready for a restoration and a new lease on life. It measure 65 feet long by 19 foot wide (in two sections) not including the vestibule. It has seating for 83 patrons.

int period
This is a period photo of the interior.
smyrnadiner01 2-1000
The exterior as it looked just before closing shows the effects of 1970s era renovations.
Smyrna Diner, after reno
This is what the diner looked like just prior to its closing.
This is what the interior looked like in 2005.
smyrnadiner30 1000
Here's the interior from another perspective.
Another interior view.