Short Stop Diner

The Short Stop Diner is originally from Belleville, New Jersey. Just after World War II, several diner companies offered a "dinette" style to appeal to returning G.I.'s as a low-cost, easy-entry into the diner business as an alternative to their much larger 60-plus-seat diners. Many of these units were bought as outlets for regional chains of White-Tower-like burger restaurants, sporting names like White Crystal, Red Tower, White Manna, and others. At the time Diversified Diners purchased this Short Stop, another still operated not far away. Sadly, that unit became a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

We think this unit is perfect for the same reasons that Paramount Diners designed and built it in the first place: As a low-overhead, easy-to-install, maximum-efficiency, short order restaurant specializing in burgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks. Done right, the operator can have a hit in the real sweet spot of diner operation.

This unique 1949 Paramount Dinette is as attractive as it is rare. Designed with limited seating within the 12 foot by 27 foot frame it has great style and design. It was removed from it's original site in Belleville NJ and awaits a qualified owner.

  • The Short Stop Diner as it appeared shortly before we began restoration.