Diners for Sale

Short Stop Diner

The Short Stop Diner is originally from Belleville, New Jersey. Just after World War II, several diner companies offered a "dinette" style to appeal to returning G.I.'s as a low-cost, easy-entry into the diner business as an alternative to their much larger 60-plus-seat diners. Many of these units were bought as outlets for regional chains of White-Tower-like burger restaurants, sporting names like White Crystal, Red Tower, White Manna, and others. At the time Diversified Diners purchased this Short Stop, another still operated not far away. Sadly, that unit became a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

We think this unit is perfect for the same reasons that Paramount Diners designed and built it in the first place: As a low-overhead, easy-to-install, maximum-efficiency, short order restaurant specializing in burgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks. Done right, the operator can have a hit in the real sweet spot of diner operation.

This unique 1949 Paramount Dinette is as attractive as it is rare. Designed with limited seating within the 12 foot by 27 foot frame it has great style and design. It was removed from it's original site in Belleville NJ and awaits a qualified owner.

Conowingo Diner

This 1946 Silk City Diner, originally from Conowingo, Maryland, (serial number 4657 ) measures approximately 15 foot wide by 40 foot long. It was designed to seat 32 along the front windows at 8 tables and another 16 along the counter. Two of the counter stools were removed and the counter was modified.

betsy-mikes600Properly restored, the Conowingo can look just like this!We are renovating this diner as the many other Silk City Diners we have done (seen photos). A roof tear down was done to the original base with inspection and replacement of the wood substrate and installation of a new 20 year roof membrane. The curved lower roof galvanized panels were sanded to bare metal and coated with a silver roof coating. The frame was inspected and sanded to metal before a new coat of primer and top coat were applied. All new insulated windows were installed to increase the thermal efficiency of the diner.

This diner currently awaits a buyers input as to floor plan, color schemes etc.

Some seating layout changes could be made to allow for additional seating (up to 52 seats). Of course, we could also supply exact materials to expand the diner into an annex for much greater seating if desired.

Venus Diner, 1955 Fodero

Venus DinerThis historic Diner has the classic lines of the late 1950's, incorporating fluted mullions with a built in awning and recessed lights. This beautiful 55 foot long Diner seats a very generous 78 including a few booths for two as well as some more spacious corner booths which could accommodate 6 or more. It was in operation until early 2007 and was a well known and popular landmark diner in Gibsonia, Pa. It was known as the Venus Diner since it's inception in 1958. We have been reviewing the restoration needs of this diner and while appearing very presentable it will need, as seems almost always the case, a fairly extensive restoration.

This diner has been sold and is now in operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Smyrna Diner

The Smyrna Diner is for sale. Great, space-age Paramount diner.